Our Project

Our Project

The project “Dream, Believe, Achieve” 2nd edition,  is a long-term capacity building project with the main goal of supporting the development of youth entrepreneurship among unemployed or low level employed youth from the rural areas of partnering countries Armenia, Georgia, Spain and Italy, who do not have enough skills and need a help to start their entrepreneurial path.

The project is second edition of “Dream, Believe, Achieve” project which has been implemented during 2018, and one of the main outputs of it was the platform entrepreneurshipp, where you can join the forum and discuss different topics and share your experience. The wave of interest that “Dream, Believe, Achieve” project raised among youth in the partner countries made the partner organizations realize the importance of its continuation and building on the wave of success of the first project at the same time creating a new project with more activities and larger involvement of youth as well as inviting one more partner from Spain, who will bring their expertise to the project.

The project will contribute to the reinforcement of EU initiatives in the entrepreneurship area and the EU2020 Strategy related to “Opening up education through new technologies”.
The 2nd edition of the project will focus more on the development of quality training materials related to delivering entrepreneurship and self-awareness training to youth groups in risk.

The main objectives of the project are:

– developing and piloting an evaluation methodology for assessing young people’s specific training needs;

– developing and piloting a training methodology for young people based on entrepreneurship and self-awareness skills;

– training youth workers/multipliers from partner countries to deliver entrepreneurship training and acting as multipliers

– conducting ongoing dissemination campaign of project activities and results, including the final international multiplier event.

The project consists of 6 phases:

 Phase 1: 2nd Youth Entrepreneurship Conference which took place in Yerevan, Armenia from 12-14 April 2019 involved participants from the first project as well as young people who are interested in entrepreneurship, youth workers who want to enhance their skills to provide training, experts and successful entrepreneurs. In total there were 50 participants and guest speakers.

The conference served as a platform for sharing and exchanging experience and knowledge in the field. The participants from the first conference shared their experience, stories of failure and success while starting their entrepreneurial path, as well as discussing opportunities and common challenges that usually come on the way of each business initiative through its lifetime.

During the conference, there were also working sessions during which the participants had opportunity to discuss youth entrepreneurship education, the environment for starting a business, also the needs for having a special methodology for delivering entrepreneurial training.

 Phase 2: Transnational Meeting of Experts and youth workers, which took place in Madrid, Spain from 29 June-04July,2019.
After the conference, an international group of experts was established who was involved in the working group for developing Entrepreneurship training methodology.

During the meeting, the experts worked on the development of the content of the methodological guide for providing entrepreneurship training. Youth workers were also involved in the working groups and contributed to the work of experts. The participation of youth workers in the working group was very important as it helped the experts to identify their needs which will be included in the methodological guide. The experts also worked on the development of evaluation methodology.

The final draft of the guide will be presented during the third phase of the project which is the training course in Italy.

 Phase 3: Training course in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy which will take place from 19-25 September 2019.  The aim of the training course will be to pilot the developed methodology and tools. During the training course, the youth workers will learn about new methods and will develop their skills for running entrepreneurship training for young people with fewer opportunities.

Phase 4: After the training course, each youth worker will have a task to be a multiplier and  conduct a national training course for young people by piloting the methodology and their skills.

Phase 5: 2nd transnational meeting which will take place in Tbilisi,Georgia from 05-08 March,2020 will bring together the youth workers and experts who worked on the training methodology. The aim of the meeting will be to assess the applied methodology, to find any gaps and in case of need to develop it further.

Phase 6. The final dissemination conference which will take place in Valencia, Spain from 24-26 June 2020. The conference will target youth workers and other stakeholders in the hosting country, across the partnership and on European scale. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the Evaluation Training methodology.

It will constitute a key element in our sustainability roadmap to ensure our outputs remain widely visible, recognizable and eventually embraced at systemic level, following project end. We also envision this event to be a meeting point with other organisations active in the field of our interest, which will enable future collaborations.